Hmm... let's see... I am a lover of coffee (and once co-owned a local coffee shop), dark beer (the darker the better), red wine, and salted caramel whisky. My other drink of choice is water with ginger and hibiscus.


I am the youngest child of a librarian and a dreamer, both of whom taught me more than they realize.


I'm old enough to know better, but young enough to think I can still do it, which occasionally reminds me I'm not as young as the inner me thinks I am. Doesn't matter. I'll do it anyway. Age is just a number. I refuse to acknowledge it or conform to what people think I should be at this age.

My heart belongs to the dogs. Specifically Australian Shepherds. You can read about them on my Farm Blog.


I've been creating since childhood: writing, painting, drawing, photography... I have more muses than I can keep track of. That's not always a good thing.

I've worked as a pizza maker, stable hand, dog trainer, pinstriper, freelance designer, ad agency account coordinator and designer, pre-K teacher, after school art specialist, manufacturing technician, barista, pet photographer and countless other things. Variety is, after all, the spice of life.

I embrace change.

I believe in following your passions, even if you have to split time with something else. If you can't do what makes you happy, life is a sad, dull place.

I create to inspire, entertain, provide wonder, capture moments and essences, give form and substance to random thoughts, ideas, and emotions. Mostly I create because if I don't I am a sad, angry person.

I have a sometimes dark, mostly dry, sense of humor laced with heavy sarcasm and wit. This is something not always appreciated by others. That's okay.

I am not PC and probably never will be. Grow a tough hide and develop a sense of humor, people. Life is not fair. It can be ugly. People are shits. Find your tribe. Love them fiercely. You'll get through it.